The New School of Writing Toronto Workshop February 19, 2013

The Counterfactual: A Workshop with Rhea Tregebov

 19 February 2013, 6-8:30pm

Location: 401 Richmond Street West, Studio 408

The counterfactual – what didn’t happen, the path not taken or the path not there – can be a fundamental source of creativity. This workshop will examine how departures from our own, or world, history generate writing. What is the mindset that fosters imagination? Whether we are writing poetry with autobiographical sources, or speculative fiction that builds invented worlds, one of the more alarming aspects of writing is the pressure to “make something up.” Iconoclastic micro-fiction writer Etgar Keret has said that he is interested in writing stories that are fundamentally true, not factually true. How do we separate the facts from the truth of our writing, and how do the facts, as well as alternatives to the facts, interact with what we have to say?

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