Review of The Best Canadian Poetry in English in 2012

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The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2012
Edited by Carmine Starnino
Series Editor Molly Peacock
Tightrope Books

Reviewed by Lori A. May


“The New House” by Rhea Tregebov calls upon the complexity of remembering the past, while not letting the past keep hold of us. In what flows like a love poem to a former life, a woman reminisces about the time spent in an old house. In an apostrophe to her child, she refers to this sacred space as “the one where we both grew up,” paying tribute to the sudden maturity that comes with parenthood. The poem is melancholic, though, as the speaker traces history through packed boxes and as she packs “childhood into two plastic bins.” The child is now an adult with a separate life, a life complete without the parent. The poem traces the joy of familial relationships and how these are so often tethered to a concrete place, a home, and how memories of these follow us, no matter the moves that come later in life. [...]


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