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Rhea Tregebov is the author of seven critically acclaimed books of poetry, most recently All Souls’, which was released by Signal Editions, Véhicule Press, in September 2012. Her historical novel, The Knife Sharpener’s Bell,  was released by Coteau Books (Regina) in September 2009.  In addition to her poetry and adult fiction, she has written five popular children’s picture books. She is also the editor of numerous anthologies, including Arguing with the Storm, an anthology of stories by women writers which she co-translated from the Yiddish. She is currently working on her second novel.

Her work has received a number of literary prizes, including the J.I. Segal Award for her novel, and the Pat Lowther Award, Prairie Schooner Readers’ Choice Award, and the Malahat Review Long Poem Award for her poetry.

You will find listing of current events such as readings and workshops on the Facebook Rhea Tregebov page.

Tregebov was born in Saskatoon and raised in Winnipeg, where she received her undergraduate education at the University of Manitoba. She did graduate work in literature at Cornell and Boston Universities, receiving her MA from BU in 1978. After working in Toronto for many years as a freelance author and editor, she moved to Vancouver in 2004 to teach in the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia, where she is now an Associate Professor.  She teaches workshops in poetry, children’s literature and translation.

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If you are interested in purchasing Tregebov’s books, local independent bookstores such as  Galiano Island Books and  McNally Robinson (Winnipeg and Saskatoon) stock her books or can order them for you. For a full page of links to independent bookstores, click here.  For a general listing of independent booksellers, visit the Canadian Booksellers’ Association.

You may also wish to order directly from the publishers:

Véhicule Press

Coteau Books

Wolsak and Wynn

Feminist Press

You can find Tregebov’s books at Chapters/Indigo in Canada, on Amazon, (note that American readers can only purchase The Knife Sharpener’s Bell at Amazon.ca) and at Barnes & Noble in the USA.

BOOK CLUB MEMBERSThe Knife Sharpener’s Bell has been featured  as a selection for the Toronto Public Library’s on-line book club, Book Buzz and the UBC Alumni Book Club, and is available as a Book Club Kit from the Winnipeg Public Library. If you’re looking for background material on the novel, this interview with Rhea Tregebov may interest you.

For writers at any stage in their careers who are  looking for a great writers’ retreat at great value, check out the website of La Muse in Languedoc, France. Tregebov was there in Spring, 2010. Watch  a YouTube video from May 2010 at La Muse.

For an hour-long reading and discussion of Tregebov’s poetry and fiction, as well as her approach to writing, listen to the Wired Writers’ Podcast with Tregebov.

For another hour-long in-depth session, listen to an interview with  Tregebov on Kootenay Co-op Radio’s The Writers’ Show. The interviewer is the wonderful writer Holley Rubinsky.

Visit Educational Insights for a 7 minute video on teaching philosophy.

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