CrWr 415/515 Workshop in Literary Translation

Prerequisite: all students enrolling in this course must have proficiency in a second language. Because the workshop offers a unique opportunity to focus on craft and technique, BFA and MFA students who feel that they are not completely fluent in a second language are nonetheless encouraged to enrol. Consult with Professor Tregebov in advance of application if you have any concerns.

This is a mixed graduate and undergraduate workshop intended to provide students with the opportunity to practise and study literary translation into English. Students will translate poetry or fiction from the work of literary authors of their choice (selections with the Professor’s approval). Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and critique students’ translations. Discussions will cover the basic linguistic underpinnings to translation as well as a variety of approaches to translation. By the end of the term, students will have produced a body of revised, polished translations of approximately 8 pages (poetry) to 12 pages (prose).

For further details on this course, request the course outline from Professor Tregebov.