“An assured and affecting first novel…”

“An engrossing story, wonderfully written – it’s been a while since I read a book I was so reluctant to put down.”

“Best book I’ve read in a long time….This is a wonderful book that examines ‘the humanity in inhumanity.’ I will be reading it again for the beautiful writing and for ...

“The poet, “remembering history”, must not repeat it, but balanced perfectly, must create it anew.”

“Most people, swept along on the flood of their lives, clutch at something to steady them — a house that floats by, a tree trunk, another human being. A life ...

“Rhea Tregebov’s poetry cuts to the quick, exposing us, through cracks in the ordinary and familiar, to the raw, wounded flesh.”

“Rhea Tregebov’s poetry is brilliant in that it makes ordinary things shine brilliantly, thereby revealing the connnections between them.”

“…almost always, in this very human and intelligent chronicle of remedial joys and difficult sorrows, does make us feel life’s pain and the substantial release to be earned in ...

“The Proving Grounds will only add to Tregebov’s growing reputation.”